We found relatives of Maria’s daughter in Russia, Ivanovo region

meeting with aunt and grandmother in MoscowIn this article we would like to tell you another story about the successful search for biological parents and relatives in Russia.

In March of 2005 our client Maria adopted a girl named Elena from an orphanage in the city of Furmanov, Ivanovo region. Since then the girl lived in Spain and knew that she was adopted from Russia. From the documents we learned that at the time of Elena’s adoption her biological mother had already passed away, but she had a grandmother (Nadya) and an aunt (Alina). We started to look for these women. The search turned out to be really difficult this time. In the middle of winter we had to make several trips to different towns in the Ivanovo region. We finally managed to find both the aunt and grandmother. It turned out that they both are living now in the capital, of Russia Moscow. Nadya, the grandmother, and her daughter Alina expressed a great desire to meet with a representative of our agency to receive news about Elena’s life in the adoptive family.

The meeting with Elena’s relatives took place in Moscow, near the Babushkinskaya metro station. Nadya and Alina told many things about their family and life of the biological mother and father of Elena.

We received a lot of information about the biological family: who they are, how and where they live, their health and so on. In the end of the meeting we recorded a video in which Nadya and Alina transmitted words of gratitude and greetings to Maria and her adopted daughter Elena.

We hope that one day Elena will come to Russia to meet her relatives, grandmother, aunt and father. We will be happy to help her to organize this unforgettable trip.



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