We can arrange meeting with birth parentsSome day a special moment comes in a life of adopted person (child or adult), when he/she arrives to the country where he/she was born.

The purpose of the trip is to meet with the country in which the person was born, to get acquainted with its culture and history, as well as the opportunity to meet biological (birth) parents and relatives. But to have that meeting real, relatives must be found, be forewarned and prepared to the meeting, which must be held without stress in a favorable
psychological atmosphere. It is unforgettable and a very exciting time in life!

We are ready to take responsibility for this great, delicate and important work. We can
find relatives, then prepare them for the meeting and arrange it.

Our staff is very experienced that can give you a good, professional support and
keep the situation under control.

During your staying in the country you will be accompanied by a professional
translator, who is fluent in a language you speak (English, Italian, German or Spanish).

We offer the following list of countries in which we are ready to organize a meeting
with biological parents and relatives:

– Russia (Russian Federation)

– Belarus

– Ukraine

– Kazakhstan

– Moldova

– The Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia)

– The countries of the Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan)

– Bulgaria

We offer you assistance in organizing this trip. We will take responsibility
for all type of organizational issues, as follows:

1. During your visit in a host country, you will be accompanied by a professional
guide-interpreter. He will be with you all days (24 hours per day) till the day of your departure.
He will support you during a meeting with the biological parents.

2. The guide-interpreter will accompany you in the transport (plane, train, bus, taxi).
3. We can organize the sightseeing tours and trips according to your interest in a host country.
4. We will book hotel, apartment or house in advance.
5. We can solve any other problems you may have.
We will help you or your adoptive child to meet and communicate with birth parents and relatives!

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