As you know not always the searches are successful enough. In this case we do our best to make them easier and we try to find better ways to fulfill your wishes faster.

Some clients are interested in how things work, because they do not know where to start with. In this regard, we have developed our own short guide that explains everything. In order to find your biological parents it is necessary to you to make some simple things. You will find them below.

Step 1. What do you have to do to find birth parents?

It is necessary for you to get in touch with us using the information from the part “Contacts” of our site and tell us your story of adoption. It is the first step of our cooperation.

Step 2. We analyze the documents of adoption

At this stage we ask the client to give us all necessary information and documents which are connected with adoption. If you adopt a child or you were adopted, the documents proving the fact of adoption must be kept. The documents are of great importance for us in our work, because the most important and necessary information about the biological father  is in them. After learning and analyzing these documents we will be able  to tell exactly whether we can start searching for your biological mother.

Step 3. We are searching birth mother, birth father and other relatives

After coming to agreement with you about our work and questions have been solved we start searching for birth mother. The process of searching is not quick, it can last for  several weeks or months. It depends on the region where we`ll have to search for your birth mother. It is very essential to know how much time ago the adoption was maid. If only 8-10 years passed after the adoption, the searches may take not much time. But if more then 10 years passed than the searches will take much more time.

Step 4. We give you the result of searching

After the searches have been finished we give the account to you of our work in details. If we succeeded to find your biological mother and talked  to her we`ll tell the details of this meeting in our report. The report will be applied with photos taking during the process of searching.  There will be the photos of the biological mother and her relatives. The information you`ll get is invaluable. This information will help your child to get answers to very many questions concerning his appearance into this world and where he/she comes from.

We hope to cooperate fruitfully. We are always glad to help you. If you seriously decided to find your biological mother get in touch with us through the part “Contacts” and we will answer all you questions

Here we would like to show you all process how does it work and how we are searching birth parents step by step. We can help you to find your birth parents.

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