I am very grateful to the work done by BuscoPadres and Birth Parents Search in Novosibirsk region in Russia, all the research was done with great seriousness, discretion and giving a very valuable detailed information for our family. Thank you very much and continue with your wonderful work.
Erika Sanz
When we started to search for the origins of my son in Yekaterinburg, Russia, we had many doubts. We had already done a previous search with another investigator and we had not achieved anything. There was no news. In "BuscoPadres" and "Birth Parents Search" from the first moment we were informed that we would get news, in one way or another, they had many different sources and years of exeperience. Everything has gone very fast, meeting all the agreed deadlines. And we already have the whole story of my son, they have contacted his biological family and all this is going to be a starting point. We have a report, a family tree, a handwritten letter, a video, many photos. I only have words of thanks for BuscoPadres, the investigator has done an excellent search, in the video the relatives refer to him with a lot of gratitude. They feel comfortable talking with him and that is very important. BuscoPadres is an excellent team, both at the research level and at the human level. The contact has been constant, both by phone and via email and we value your work 100%. I have no hesitation in recommending them. Worth, really.
Carmen Rovira
Hi! My name is Eeger. When I was on my way to Ellensburg visiting a friend, I made a phone call to my orphanage friend to see if I can get a hold off Svetlana Jacobs and they told me that there is a person in Russia can help me to find my biological relatives. She told me that Leo and Andrew would help me find biological relatives.
That evening I talk to Tatyana Ophus and she convinced me to look for my biological relatives in Kazakhstan. By doing so she told me how they found her biological family over there I was really shocked so I agreed to that. Later that knight I was on Facebook to see if Svetlana Jacob’s can be contacted and I have seen her photos and that was when I decided to do the search.
On Facebook I added Andrew Sarbaev as a friend and on his time line I was surprised how many people and other ethnicities he has helped finding their relatives and wow that really got me convincing to have them look for them. First, I had to get the records of my sent to him which I did after I got them. Secondly, I had to wait for their response. Yes, I did know or I had a feeling that they would have had to go unto the archive to get the info, but I was excited to find out what would happen next.
It took three days for them to locate them and find them when I finished making payments I was so surprised when I went home after work I added my sister as a friend on Facebook. From that day I have been talking to her all night long staying up until I fell asleep. She was very excited to hear from me.
It is thanks to Leo and Andrew for helping those people that believe their relatives are out there and are able to have them find them so they can get together and able to learn the experience they have had in their lives.

E-mail: eegerjray@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eeger.ray
Eeger Ray
After locating and organizing the meeting with the birth mother, we were able to travel five days to the region of Sverdlovsk, Russia. The organization of the daily activity, scheduled by common agreement before the departure, has been fulfilled in its entirety and in accordance with the expectations we had before the trip. The person who accompanied us during our stay, with diligent foresight, ensured that everything was done according to the plan and people agreed upon. The understanding with him was full. The language used English. We felt very comfortable and safe with the accompaniment of a great person. A wise choice.
We also request a translator for some more delicate meetings. And here comes the great second success. The translator assigned to us, Russian, with a perfect spanish language (impossible to recognize his Slavic origin) does a great job. She is also a professor at one of the Universities of Ekaterinburg. Besides she turned out to be a charming and helpful person with whom we could feel as comfortable as with our companion. With an exquisite sensibility, as it seemed to him that one of us did not have enough protection to walk through the frozen forests, she appeared the next day with an anorak that we used.

In summary, we were able to do absolutely everything planned for the trip, it was perfectly developed and we were able to enjoy the company of excellent people.

E-mail: julio.s.gonzalez@gmail.com
Julio Gonzalez
Barselona, Spain
I found the organization "Birth Parents Search" through the internet and contacted with Irina Ozerova who explained me how the search would be realized and the steps to follow. I have received a detailed report of the family found, many photos and a video of my daughter's grandmother and aunt. The search was done in a very short time. I want to thank everyone who have participated in this search for their seriousness and professionalism.

Email: mepeso@outlook.es
Mercedes Petri
Hello Everybody! My name is Jessica Mathews from Lakeland, Florida, USA. I hired the agency “BPS” Andrey and Lev because help me find my husband’s birth mother and siblings. Nick is deaf and his family live in Russian that very cool... I trust believe with Andrey focus hard work lot emails talk with me doing work talk about Nick's family. Make Nick is surprised and shocked make very happy see his family are match 100%. Everything are evidence and Lev make Russian translation English Nick's family explain make us understand clear and he make video show Nick's family are beautiful... We love family video make me warm in my heart and happy thank for Lev and Andrey focus hard work love help lot people of adoption search their biological family is TRUST!... Not fake a Scam.... I paid believe and trust that is truth!......
I myself decide learn Russian language because respect Nick's family only Russian language not English that fine not perfect... God bless me still love support my husband Nick and family from Russia is Awesome!.... Anyone people need search birth parents then please contact to this Agency they will support help you believe faith never give up.
I myself search can't find Nick's family on Facebook, social media, etc. It is harder for me because Nick's family is hide private without no social media only phone that why I was give up too tired then decide paid Birth Parents Search.
Then I'm surprised and shock they found biological family in Krasnodar region, Russia then information us don't know about they not use no Internet social media only phone waste my time search that why.
5 stars!
I love support trust Birth Parents Birth is Truth.... Wow Thank, Thank Andrey and Lev make me happy no anymore search then I am rest.... Let my husband Nick can't wait will more in Russia and visit see his family are happy too!....... Smile!

Thank you,
Mathews Family
Nicholas and Jessica Mathews
Lakeland, Florida, USA
Hello, my name is Arthur Larin and I live in Norway. My mother was taken from her mother when she was 1 year old at the beginning of the 1960s in Siberia, Soviet Union (Russia) and has never seen her biological mother. After we took contact with this organization "Birth Parents Search" they have successfully found out that my mother has got 2 brothers and 1 sister! Unfortunately my grandmother is dead. We are now looking forward for a reunion with all 4 children. I would say that this organization has been very good, and have found out a lot of information with very little clues.
Respect, Arthur Larin Jorgensen.

Viber: +47 454 56 498
Skype: arthurjo2
E-mail: aj.larin@gmail.com
Arthur Jorgensen
My experience working with this investigation has been everything I had hoped. I was able to communicate easily with the investigators, all thanks to Svetlana for making it so very easy. They worked hard and worked fast, no matter what was in the way. I never felt like I was being taken advantage of or swindled. I felt confident in the investigators, and the results they had produced! When I told them that I was paying for the investigation on my own, they offered to help me, by allowing me to make payments. Svetlana and Andrey always made me feel like this whole experience was the whole world to them, and they would stop at nothing to get it done. I enjoyed working with them, speaking to them, and learning about my past. Thank you so much! Andrey did an amazing job. I owe both of them so much!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mitchell.mcconkey.5

You can learn more about Mitchell's story here.
Mitchell McConkey
Olympia, WA, USA
We hired Andrey and Svetlana help us find our 2 Russian children's birth parents and it turned out they were in 2 different countries. Svetlana was very understanding and kept us informed during all phases of the search. The reports and video were enlightening and emotional. We would definitely recommend this agency to other families. Thank you Andrey and Svetlana for making this possible!
Best regards, Jocelyn and Dan Condon.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jocelyn.condon

You can learn more about this story here.
Jocelyn and Dan Condon
Mesa, AZ, USA
To: Andrey Sarbaev and Team "Birth Parents Search".

First and foremost I give Glory To God. I am grateful for what you do and have done for not only me but so many people out there. I am grateful for your resources and wisdom and such an important job. Thank you. I have been searching on my own for so long with no luck, until my dear friend and sister Svetlana had recommended you to me. As any human being my husband and I were very skeptical at first, but God gave me peace. I had no control and was out of resources. It was either I give this a chance or regret later for not doing so and trying. Part of me was very scared and not knowing what was going to happen. Stepping out in Faith and starting a journey to search for biological family back in Kazakhstan. There were and still so many emotions and questions. Andrey had answeredany questions I had, was always promp with his responses to me. He is very professional and takes his job very seriously. Your concern becomes his concerns. He walked me and kept me informed every step of the way. I had prayed that the Lord will lead him and guide him. Regardless of the outcome I had to know what had happened to me. With a lot of extra effort and work. Andrey and Leo had found my biological family in Almaty, Kazakhstan. As I wept my first emotion was Thank You Lord for answering my prayers. Thank you to Andrey and Team for working so diligently on our be half. As I sit and write this. I am forever grateful for what they do. For anyone who is looking or searching I whole heartedly believe Everyone has a story if you are here on earth, the you have history. Talk to Andrey and step out in Faith and don't have regrets. I promise they will work very hard. If I cone across anyone who is searching for biological family, Andrey is who will be telling them about. Thank for reading this and I Pray that this speaks something to you. That there is Hope.
Blessings, Dilyara Mejia.

E-mail: dila_is_blessed@att.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noedila.mejia

You can learn more about my story here.
Dilyara Mejia
Austin, TX, USA
One evening in October 2015 my daughter Victoria Falcon and I sat down with our laptops and adoption papers. We started Googling birth parent search agencies for Russia and nothing substantial turned up. We then searched for records of Victoria’s birth mother and found a document confirming her residence as still in Victoria’s birth place of Magadan, Russia. The site was current and still being maintained. This gave us hope in making contact. We still did not know how to make contact. We needed to find a closer connection in Russia to help. We then decided to search for help in Facebook of all places. At last, this is where we found the «Birth Parent Search» agency lead by Andrew Sarbaev. This is a new and developing agency but there were two other families who also took the leap of faith and found successes in their search. We first verified the process and credibility and learned that this agency is doing their best to help adopted children find their family’s and without breaking the bank. At this point it was a no brainer. It is now or never that we open Pandora’s Box and find Victoria’s birth family. And so the journey began. Victoria sent all the documents she had from the adoption in 1993 to Andrew. No time was wasted. He found her birth mother and her siblings in Magadan. In January he sent a co-worker Leo from his agency across Russia from Moscow to Magadan to meet with her family to share Victoria’s pictures and letter. He was able to make a beautiful video for her, took many pictures of the city and her family and wrote an in depth report about her birth family including details of family members and their most current locations and contact. We were finally able to make contact with Victoria’s birth family through social media. Since that time, Victoria has had conversations with her siblings. Communication is slow at first but over time with learning her native language it will come more easily. Victoria has been able to share with her family many pictures of her childhood in America. We are planning a trip to Russia in September 2016 to meet her family for the first time. Through this whole journey and continuing forward, we have completely supported her efforts to search for her birth family. We feel our family has grown and look forward to what is to come in the future. We highly recommend this agency for your search. They were very professional and respectfully took great care of both family’s emotions and feelings, resulting in an amazing outcome for all involved. They completed the search in a timely manner while keeping everyone up to date as to their progress. We have made many new friends and re-connected with old friends through this process. We are forever grateful to them for their help.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sincerely, The Falcon Family

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.falcon.39
E-mail: victoriafalcon99@gmail.com

You can learn more about my story here.
Victoria Falcon
North Bend, WA, USA
I am so glad that you have helped me with this. Without you i would never found out about my biological family.It feels so good to finally know about them, and i hope i can meet my grandma very soon!! Here is my experience about your agency:
My name is Kristina and my Russian name is (Kristina Valerievna Menk). I was born in St.Petersburg 1995 and lived in the Orphanage (Children's Home number 1) in 1 year and then I was adopted to Norway.
I have always knew that I was adopted, but I have in long time wondered about the reason to why I lived in the orphanage and who my biological parents is and why things was like they was. I really wanted to know about them and to know the truth.I got a tips from a norwegian man who earlier have worked with and solve russian adoptive cases and he said to me that I should contact this agency. I was a little sceptic in the beginning when I heard about it, but this is really the best thing I have done in my life. Ilya, Andrey and their team did the best job ever. Both of them have kept incredible communication with me during the whole process.
Now I know so much about my biologic parents and family. I unfortunately never got to meet my biological parents because they are dead. it is very sadly and hard for me, but it has always been important for me to knowing the truth even if it was hard. Now I know about them, their life before they died and I have pictures of them to memory. Luckily I have a grandmother and she lives yet, so very soon I will go visit her, and I look so forward to it.
After finding my Russian parents and relatives, I have feel so much better in my self and my soul. It feels like my life is more complete than before.If it wasnt for Ilya and Leo I would never find out about my biologic family. So thank you so much!! I feel like the most luckiest girl in the world. They can really do their work, and they are very honest people who love to help other people to find their real family. They are amazing people!! If you want to know about your Russian biologic family then i really recommends this agency!

Email: kristina_torgersen@outlook.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kristinaa.Valerievnaa

You can learn more about my story here.
Kristina Torgersen
Tønsberg, Norway
Hello, the agency "Birth Parents Search" helped me to find my biological mother. I was born in 1974, in Almaty, Kazakhstan. At the age of 2 I was adopted and then raised in adoptive family which moved to Germany when I was 13 years old. Being adult person at the age of 27 I have occasionally known that my family adopted me. From that very moment I have been seaking my biological parents and relatives. It took about 14 years but there was no result. I was lucky when I found "BPS" agency. Andrey and Ilya made my dream true. His team performed searching in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. Finally they found my mom in Kyrgyzstan. Now she is 81 years old. I talked to her several times by phone. It was so excited. We plan to meet each other in September 2015 in Kyrgyzstan. Thanks to Andrey, Ilya and his team I could find my biological mother at last. It is a great job done!

E-mail: helenaheisse@web.de
Profile: http://ok.ru/profile/558276852834

You can learn more about my story here.
Elena Geize
Weingarten, Germany
I feel lucky to write this and share this with everyone. My name is Svetlana and my Russian name is (Svetlana Federovskaya Drozdetskaya). I grew up in Almaty Kazakhstan and I lived in the orphanage for 7 years. Then I got adopted when I was 12 and the half years old. Mostly my whole life I have been always wondering the reason why I end up in the orphanage and what happened to my biological parents. I wanted to know the truth. One day I have finally decided to find my biological parents. Andrey and his team did a phenomenal job. I could not have asked for better results. They were so accurate with their search and very thorough. He and his team always kept me in the loop. During the process of finding my biological family, Andrew kept incredible communication with me. I believe after finding my Russian parents and relatives has calmed my soul down and I understand myself much better then before. Finding out I have four siblings, my parents, and extended family. I am one of the luckiest person in the world. This wouldn't of happen if it was not for Andrey. They are very honest people and I will never doubt their abilities on what they can do. If you ever want to ask any questions or not sure about things. Please don't hesitate to reach out.
Email: leeskaya3691@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/svetlana.jacobs

You can learn more about my story here.
Svetlana Lee Jacobs
Atlanta, GA, USA
Hello everybody! My name is Galina Babayev (Rosalia Di Vaio), I would like to write some words for you. My sister and I were born in Russia, Moscow region in 1994, and we were adopted in Italy in 1995. Since that time we live in this country. I've always been interested in my Russian heritage and family origins. I always wanted to find them and tried to do it. I am very grateful to Andrey and all those who took part in the search. It was nice to find a half-sister, who lives in Novosibirsk now. It's great to know how she was doing and how she livied. It was a shock when I saw the pictures of her, it was such a strong impression! The agency is working hard, diligently and carefully, so do not hesitate and do not doubt, you can safely entrust searching these guys.
E-mail: rosy2507@outlook.it
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/rosy.divaio
Vkontakte (VK): http://vk.com/id268395675

You can learn more about my story here.
Galina Babayeva (Rosalia Di Vaio)
Modena, Italy
We adopted our daughter Hannah from St Petersburg, Russia in November 2006. Now at almost 14 years old she was ready to find her birth parents. We had little information about her birth mother and less about her birth father. I took a big leap of faith and contacted Andrey Sarbaev at Search Birth Parents. He was very professional and efficient. He let us know he could have the search done in several weeks and was right on time! We were shocked to hear that he found both!!! The communication to both parents was very professional and thoughtful. We are so pleased with the information and video! We now have pictures of our daughter as a baby and many family pictures. We look forward to meet her birth mother and birth father soon!!! Thank you to Andrey for your very important work!! Our family has expanded with love!!
Email: lindapcallmd@me.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/10207002235833471/

You can learn more about the story here.
Linda Call
Bow, NH, USA



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