We can help to find birth mother

we'll help to find birth mother and relativesIf you want to find birth mother for the child whom you have adopted we will help you to do it. Our team has been searching for birth mothers for several years all ready. There are only skillful and professional workers in our team. They know their duties perfectly. We have gained a grate experience and much knowledge in this sphere.

In most cases we manage to find a birth mother and we are able to communicate with her and get answers to all the questions you and your adopted child are interested in.

During the meeting we are also able to get the family photos, DVD and many other important details about the biological family.

The theme of abandoned children is very painful for many biological mothers, so the communication on this theme requires a very delicate and correct approach. It’s a very responsible and delicate work to search for biological mother and communicate with her. We have learned to cope fine with it.

We are willing to fulfill any of your requests due to communication with the biological mother or her family. Some adoptive families send gifts, money, souvenirs and of course we can easily transfer these things to them. If you want to transfer something of the things told above, please let us know.


How we are looking for a birth mother

In order to be able to start searching you need to contact with us and send your application. First of all we need to examine the documents that you received during the adoption. Make sure you have these documents. We could begin searching for the biological mother only after having checked them.

The documents keep very important data of the biological parents, where they lived at the time of the child’s birth, in which city, region and at what address. Having this information we can start searching for your birth mother after approval of all the nuances and details as soon as possible.


How fast we are searching birth parents

Approximate turnaround time for searching is from two to four weeks. After searching, we will tell you the result and in a few days you will get a detailed report on how the searches went on, what we were talking about with the biological mother, what reaction she had of what has been told and what we have found out as well as we provide you family photos and materials.

Having done the search your child will be fully provided with the most complete and accurate information about his/her biological mother and family. It will certainly help him/her in his/her future life in the formation of his/her personality and the understanding of where he/she came from.


What reactions we usually get from birth mothers

In most cases, the biological mothers have positive reaction to the news that they are being searched by adoptive parents or adopted children. They are happy to learn about the fate of the children, they are doing well and happy when they get their pictures. Many of them want to keep in touch through e-mail, Skype or through social networks. Many of them do not mind meeting with adoptive children and their adoptive parents.

If you make an order to search for the biological mother, we can surely fulfill it successfully in the near future.

From our experience, we know that your mother is also looking for you too.

We will help you to reunite connection with your birth mother.

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