In this part we would like to answer the most frequent questions of our clients.

What countries do you search in?

Our main searching work is in the countries of former Soviet union, such as:

  • Azerbaijan,
  • Armenia, 
  • Belarus, 
  • Georgia, 
  • Kazakhstan, 
  • Kyrgyzstan, 
  • Latvia, 
  • Lithuania, 
  • Estonia, 
  • Moldova,
  • Russia,
  • Uzbekistan, 
  • Ukraine,
  • Poland and Bulgaria.
  • Searches in the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and Romania are possible too. We are going to begin searching of birth families in India, China and South Korea soon.

What guarantees do we give to our customers?

The guarantee is our job and its result. As evidence, the client receives detailed report about searches. The report contains the contact phone numbers and addresses, pictures of wanted people that easy to check and make sure that we have found the right people. And if we are able to make passport or ID copies of the biological parents or relatives, we will provide you with these copies as well.

What minimum information is needed in order to start the searches?

It`s necessary to know the name, mother’s name, father’s name, the date of birth, previous address of wanted person (the more information the better). You probably know some details about the relatives or friends of wanted people.

Will be searches successful if you know only name and last name of the person?

Yes, such searchers may be successful if there is a fortune. In any case we are always ready to help you to find people. We can arrange the meeting with the wanted people and provide you with the interpretation services.

Can you find my biological parents?

Yes, we can. Search of the biological parents of the adopted children is our main activity. We can find your biological father and mother and some of your relatives as well. During these searches we can interview your biological mother or father. They may tell us about themselves, about their family and relatives and the reasons why they gave a child up for adoption.

I was adopted and now I want to find my birth mother. Will you be able to help me?

Certainly! Our main activity is searching of the biological mothers and fathers. We have already been specializing in searching of biological parents for many years and we must say that it was performed very successful. You have to submit the documents your parents’ve got when they adopted a child (you). Any information about your biological parents will help us to find them. In many cases we succeeded in finding the biological parents.

Can I get the photos of my birth parents?

Of course, in most cases the biological parents agree to be photographed and give some photos of their relatives, brothers, sisters, grandmother and grandfather.

In some occasions we manage to make DVD video in which the biological parents will apply to you and send their greetings and good wishes.

Do you guarantee the confidence of the search of the biological parents?

Confidentiality is the main and one of the most important aspects of our work. We insure you that your private information is secured .

How much do these searches cost?

The price of our services starts from $750 – $875 (in special cases the price may be higher). The minimum price is possible if we look for a person without moving to the place of  searches (country, city, village, so on). If we have to go out for searching, the price will be – $1450, it depends on the country and region and the individual situaton.

What kind of payment do we accept?

We accept any form of payment.

What shall we do if the wanted person is dead?

It`s a pity to say, but it seldom happens. The only thing we can do, we can find the grave and make the photos of that place. And we’ll try to find relatives who can tell us more about the life of the wanted person and details of his death. In this case the price for the fulfilled work will be the same as we pointed out.

How long will the searches last?

Searches can last from several weeks to several months. It is very individual. If you have to find a person urgently and you are limited in time we`ll speed up the fulfillment of our searches for extra pay of 300$.

Who can be our client?

Our client can be any person despite of the place, country, continent he lives in. Get in touch  using the part “Contacts” and we help you.

How long have we been working?

We have already been working for 2 years. During these years our clients were always grateful for our service.

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