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Our agency helps people from around the world! We made a lot of searching for the citizens of America, England, Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and etc.


We always demonstrate the highest results of searches. In 95% of cases we are able to find the people you seek.


Our agency tries to perform the search as soon as possible no matter where currently the people live. Appealing to us, you can save not only money but also time!


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Find birth parents and relatives
If you want to find the biological parents please order this service in our agency. We perform a search quickly, efficiently and in the shortest possible time. We are engaged in the search for biological parents for over 10 years.
Order service
In this step, we analyze your adoption papers and give a conclusion: if it is possible to find the biological parents. The situations are different, but our professional team is doing everything possible to find those people you need.
The process of searching of biological parents
The search process lasts several weeks. As a result of this work, we are able to find the address of parents’ residence and meet personally with your biological parents or with someone of them. We talk to them, get their information, photos and make videos.
All the information that we are able to gather in the course of searching, we are sending you. You get a large, detailed report on the work done, a lot of pictures of your family members. You can see them on the film or video.

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Andrey Sarbaev
Director & Founder
If you want to find your birth parents and relatives
we are always ready to help you. We can do the search in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc.
.............................................. Please, contact and tell us
your story.
Ilya Falkenberg
Ilya is our representative in Germany
Ilya can help to locate biological parents and relatives in Germany and Russia.
Vadim Egorov
Vadim is our representative in Russia and Ukraine
If you want to find your biological family, parents, siblings in Kazakhstan I am always at your service.
Arai Adaibekova
Arai is our representative in Kazakhstan
Hello, my name is Arai! I live in Astana. If you want to find your biological family, parents, siblings in Kazakhstan I am always at your service.


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Our customers

We helped these people to find birth parents and relatives

"Linda adopted a girl Hannah in 2006, who was born in 2002 in St. Petersburg, Russia. We helped to find the biological mother and biological father of Hannah. The searches were carried out successfully in 2015."

Linda Call searched for her daughter's birth parents in Russia

"We helped Dilyara to find her biological family in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Dilyara was born in Kazakhstan and adopted to the USA. "

Dilyara Mejia looked for her birth parents and relatives in Kazakhsan

"I was born in Russia, St Petersburg in 1995. At the age of one year, I was adopted to Norway and still live in this country. Thank Agency «Birth Parents Search» for the opportunity to find and get information about my biological parents and relatives in Russia. I even started to learn the Russian language and want to come to Russia in the nearest future."

Kristina Torgersen found her birth mother and granny in St.Petersburg, Russia

"In January \ February 2016, we completed the search of a biological mother and relatives for Victoria Falcon in Magadan, Russia. Victoria was adopted to the USA from Russia. "

Victoria Falcon found her birth nother and siblings in Magadan, Russia

"My birth name was Albina. I was born in 1971 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. At the age of 2 years old I was adopted by local family. When I was the age of 8 years my adoptive parents with me moved to live in Germany. This agency was able to find my biological mother, who was 81 years old at the time the search!"

Geize Elena When you found me birth mom it was a real gift for me!

"My name before adoption was Galina. I was born with a twin sister in Russia, the Moscow region in 1994. My sister and I were abandoned by mother. In 1995 we were adopted by Italian family. Thanks to your agency, we were able to find the biological mother, sister, and other relatives who live in Russia now."

Rosalia Di Vaio I searched the biological mother and other relatives

"Tatyana Ophus was adopted in Almaty, Kazakhstan to America. She wanted to find her biological family and other relatives. We were able to find her brother Alexander, as well as aunts, who still live in Almaty. These searches were made at the end of December 2016, just to the day of Tatiana's birthday."

Tatyana Ophus found her brother and aunts in Kazakhstan

"Mitchell McConkey was adopted at the age of 2 years to the United States from Russia. Mitchell was born in the Far East, Magadan. With , He was able to find his biological mother, siblings and other relatives with our Agency help. To finalising the searching we even had to do a DNA test to confirm the relationship. The test showed a positive result! "

Mitchell McConkey looked for birth mother and any other siblings in Russia

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