Don’t know how to find birth father?

we help to find birth fatherIf you don’t know how to find birth father, we’ll try to solve that problem for you. Due to our experience we have got during many years we are sure to say that before searching for the birth father it`s necessary to find the birth mother. Only she knows who was the child`s father, whom she became pregnant from. She knows the exact details of him, family name, DOB, his place of living.

In most cases, the girl, who gave a birth to a child and refused to take her child wasn’t` married to the man officially whom she became pregnant from, that`s why, as rule, the child is given a surname after her/his mother and in some cases the child is only indicated with his fathers name in the birth certificate. That`s why full name, surname and fathers name, his date exact year of his birth are unknown. If we have no these facts, it`s impossible to find the biological father.

The recollections connected with the pregnancy and refused from her child heart most of the birth mothers very much. These recollections are connected with the father of the child, so some women don`t want to discuss that fact. Some of them think the childrens` biological fathers to be bad persons. That`s why they avoid talking about them. Sometimes we do everything in our power in order to make the woman interested in a conversation. And persuade her to tell us some facts about the birth father and some of the women agree to speak to us.

So, taking into consideration the facts we have told you we recommend our clients to try to search for the biological mother first, meet her, speak about the problem. Having got her information, you can act further. If she agrees to apply you with the facts about the biological father, you will have a remarkable chance to continue the searches and find the biological father as well. Both mother and father brought the child into this world so they both are important fro the adopted child. And if the birth mother refuses to give any information and tell you anything about a birth father of a child, then we`ll be helpless in such situation. Without having any information about the father we aren`t able to find him and get any facts about him, his family and his relatives.

The only chance to find him without searching for the child`s biological mother is if there are full facts about the biological father in the document about adopting. But it happens rather seldom and if there is such information, you can think yourself to be lucky. In this case your chance in finding the biological father will be more.


Where do we search for birth fathers?

We search for birth father in the countries of the former Soviet Union. If you were adopted or if you yourself adopted the child from Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and others we can help you to find birth father in these countries. Many Americans and Europeans have adopted children from these countries and as a result they want to find birth parents for their adoptive children.

If you do not see the name of the country in this list which your child has been adopted from, we are still ready to help you find him/her biological father and mother. Contact with us and tell us what country your child was adopted from, maybe we will be able to help you to find her/his birth father.

In most cases the biological fathers` attitude to the news is adequate. They are thankful for the news about their child and that their child was adopted. For most of them this information is very important.

We`ll be glad to cooperate with you if you decide to find the biological father. We are always ready to help you to carry out your searches successfully.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t know how to find birth father?

  1. Malisa

    Hi, I’m searching for my biological father and his name is Carl Sansom. I don’t know at all where he lives, somewhere in England maybe… I have only his name and pictures.
    It would be really nice, if you could help me.
    My father went to prison when my mother was pregnant with me. He has already gotten out of prison though. I have pictures of him when he was in the army and when he married my mother. My mother’s name is Chomphoo Koivisto. When she was still together with my father her lastname was Chaihuad, Chomphoo Chaihuad. They got married in Thailand. I’ve heard that my father lives somewhere in England. I have a letter from prison and i think his prisoner number is : 98/007
    D.O.B – This is unknown but I believe Carl is between 45-50 years old by now.

    My name: Malisa Chayhuad born in Thailand and i live now in Finland. My dad knows that.
    Birthday: 27.06.1996

  2. Dylan

    Hi, My name is Dylan I’m 14 and looking for Christopher James Ballard, 33, Michigan. I’m adopted and trying to find my birth parents. Thanks.

    1. admin Post author

      Hello, Dylan! We are searching for birth parents only in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Belorus.
      Hope you will find whom you are looking for. We wish you good luck.

  3. Dasha Everse

    Hi! My name is Dasha. I am 19 years old and I am trying to find my birth father. I was born in St. Petersburg Russia and stayed in Baby Home #13. My birth mother’s name is Natalya Timofeeva. I recently found out that she passed away in 2015 from cerebral thrombosis (blood clots in the brain.) I don’t know my birth father, other than his name is Oleg. That’s what was on my birth certificate and they said it was what my birth mother told them. I was adopted when I was 2 1/2 and I live in Grand Rapids MI. Please let me know if you can help!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, Dasha! Thank you for contacting us.
      We can find biological father, siblings and your father’s relatives in Russia.
      If your biological mother really died in 2015 we can find her parents and relativis and siblings too.
      Could you send us your adoption papers? We have to look through these one.
      After that we will let you know the fee and timeframe when this search can be done.

      Don’t hesitate ask any questions.
      I am looking forward for your response.
      You can contact us to our email:

      Thank you,
      Andrey Sarbaev

  4. Krystle Conroy

    Hi my name is Krystle nichole Conroy my mom and my father was a one night stand but he didn’t know at that time when he left and never came back she was pregnant with me so he don’t know that I was born ! biracial child that means I am white and black and my father’s name is Donald j Stewart he is a black man I never met him and I don’t No anything or any information about him but his name my mother name is Tina meary Conroy she is a white woman !

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