Agency: Birth Parents SearchWe are the agency «Birth Parents Search» who provides a chance to find birth parents in countries of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Asia. We do our work quickly, efficiently and at a high level. We always take into account the interests of the client, and are able to maintain your anonymity and confidentiality.

We have a big experience in searching biological parents and relatives. We can establish a connection with them and get all necessary information about their genealogy, talents, abilities, health (predisposed to illnesses) inherited diseases, the details of how the biological mother’s pregnancy went on, family photos and many other facts. We can also make video interview with the biological parents or their relatives and make DVD film of the place where they live.

If you decide to find the birth family for your adopted child you apply to the addressee. We have been specializing in searching people and relatives for more than two years already. During all these years we obtained a great experience that helps us to fulfill our work quickly well and qualitatively. Search birth parents in the countries of the former Soviet Union and in countries of Eastern Europe is our main profile of work.


Where are we looking for birth parents?

The sphere of our activity is spread on the territories of the following countries:

  • Azerbaijan,
  • Armenia, 
  • Belarus,
  • Georgia, 
  • Kazakhstan, 
  • Kyrgyzstan,
  • Latvia, 
  • Lithuania, 
  • Estonia, 
  • Moldova,
  • Russia,
  • Uzbekistan, 
  • Ukraine. 
  • Searches in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania are also possible. 
  • In the nearest future we are going to expand the list of countries and offer searches for birth parents in the countries of Asia.

If I was adopted how can I find my birth parents

If you were adopted and decide to find your birth parents we could help you. Please, contact us and gave more information about your adoption. What country you were adopted from, city name and when it happened? When we see the documents which your adoptive parents got during your adoption, only after that we could tell you when and how fast we could find your birth parents.


What will you get from cooperating with us?

If you like to have an information about birth family to your adoptive child, we will help you in that case. We will find the birth family and be able to get as much information as you want.

We can find the home address of the biological parents, meet them and take an interview. After that you will get a lot of information about them, get their pictures, video (DVDs) and address for correspondence.


Correspondence and exchange presents, gifts between families

We can offer a service in communication between birth and adoptive families. We can translate your letters and send them to the birth families. If they write their answers we will translate these letters and send them to you.

Our work has a success due to our professional and skills and responsible attitude to our work. One can characterize our activity with the following words: “Speed” “Quality” “Honesty” “Trustworthiness” “Confidentially”.

Please, contact us, if you are interested in the services we are offering you.

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