my avatarHello, my name is Andrey Sarbaev!
I live in Russia, Moscow. I am a founder of the agency
Birth Parents Search“.

My team and I are pleased to offer you our services and help in the search for biological/birth parents in the countries of the former Soviet Union: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia etc.

In the nearest future we are going to start working in other countries: India, China and South Korea. The list of countries in which we do our searches is constantly increasing.

We have experience, knowledge and professional skills to perform the work of finding the biological parents perfectly. If you want to find the biological parents of your child, we’ll do our best to help you. If you were adopted, and now looking for your biological parents, please contact us via email, we can help you too.

If you need more information about our service or you have some questions, please, contact us by e-mail, facebook or phone.

Feel free to contact us. You are welcome!



Viber & WhatsApp: +7 (963) 271 81 16


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