Search for Victoria Falcon’s Russian birth mother, relatives and siblings

looking for my birth mother in russiaWe are happy to present to your attention one of successful searches of biological parents and relatives in the city of Magadan, Russia. In November 2015, a girl named Victoria asked for our help.
In 1993, Victoria was adopted at the age of two from Russia to the USA. For many years she has wondered and now she recollected her courage to realize her lifelong dream to find her birth mother. We were glad to help her in such delicate and important search of relatives.

Looking through Victories documents about her adoption. We have found out that her biological mother’s name was Olga Grigoreva, and she was born in 1968. She was a mother of many children and Victoria was the fourth child. Unfortunately, Olga had to give Victoria up for adoption, to give her a better and nurturing life.

As a result of our search we have found out that Victoria’s mother was alive and healthy. She still lives in the city of Magadan. We managed to find out her address and contact telephone number. We finally made it possible to make a far trip to Magadan. Magadan is located so far away from Moscow. There are approximately 7000 km from Moscow to Magadan but our trip was very successful.


After several weeks of preparations, we went to the city of Magadan to meet Victoria’s mother, Olga. We told Olga beforehand that she was going to meet Andrey’s co-worker Leo. Olga was looking forward to his arrival and she even decided to meet him at the airport.
Olga was really good to us and was a friendly. She was very grateful for the news about her daughter; she was emotional and thrilled to receive Victoria’s photos and letter. It was Leo’s first time being in Magadan, so Olga helped him to find a hotel to stay and in other things that were in Magadan.

That evening Leo met Olga and her children (Victoria’s siblings). They met each other at the cafe and started to know everything about Victoria. The whole family was glad to learn about Victoria and the possibility to communicate with her. Olga and her children gladly answered all Victoria’s questions. They gave their photos to Leo so that we could deliver them to Victoria and greeted her on the video camera. Now the Russian family are waiting for Victoria to come to Magadan this summer to be together finally. We hope that this meeting will be phenomenal for the Russian and American families.

We also managed to communicate with administration of the orphanage, where Victoria had been adopted from. We found out that her personal record contained black-and-white photo of Victoria at the age of one and six months year old. They agreed to give this photo to us, so we can send it to Victoria to America.

If you have adopted a child from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan we can help you to find his/her biological parents, relatives and siblings.

If you were adopted and have questions. Please don’t feel hesitated to ask questions about the search. Also we would be glad to help you to find and learn about your biological roots. Contact us at “Birth Parents Search” and we would be glad to find everything you have been wondering about.

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