Successful search for Russian relatives in Lipetsk

looking for birth parents in RussiaOur agency was contacted by a Norwegian citizen, Arthur Larin Jorgensen, born in 1994, who wanted to help his mother find her biological mother. Arthur’s mother (Tatyana) was born in 1962 in Taseevo village, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Tatyana’s biological mother’s name was Larina Olga Nikiforovna. This is all that was known at the beginning of the search. We agreed to carry out this search for Arthur and his mother.

We contacted the registry office of Taseevo village and found out that Olga Nikiforovna was born in 1940. It was not possible to find out the exact date of birth. After that, we contacted the maternity home of Taseevo village and the administration of the orphanage, in which Tatyana grew up and was brought up. However, we could not find out any valuable information about Olga. Therefore, we asked our Russian colleagues to help us and, as a result of the search activities, found out that during her last years Larina Olga Nikiforovna, born in 1940, was living in Lipetsk. She died in 2003.

We began to look for Olga’s children and relatives. This proved to be an even more difficult task. As a result of months of tireless efforts, we managed to find two sons of Olga (Andrey and Vitaly), as well as her daughter Angelica. Angelica and Vitaly live in Lipetsk, while Andrew lives in St. Petersburg.

A member of our team came to Lipetsk with the aim to find Angelica or Vitaly and meet them personally. As a result, we managed to arrange a meeting with Angelica, who told everything about her mother, her life and other relatives.

Angelica and her brothers were very happy to learn that Tatyana is alive, well and looking for them. They always knew about her existence, as their mother never hid this fact from them, so they wanted to find her, but failed.

As a result, the search was completed successfully, although it required 9 months of fruitful work.

Now Arthur, together with his mother, wants to come to Lipetsk next summer, accompanied by Norwegian television staff to meet his relatives and visit the grave of Olga Nikiforovna, who is buried in Lipetsk.

After the trip is completed, it will be shown on Norwegian television in the “Wait for Me” program, which is the local counterpart to the Russian “Wait for Me”.

Our agency follows closely the story as it develops and will definitely publish new material, after the trip of Arthur and his mother (Tatyana) to Russia takes place.

We are ready to help you find your relatives or parents if you are in doubt as to how to do it and where to start.

We offer a quick search for people, friends, co-workers and relatives in exchange for a small fee.

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