Emily Katila found her biological family in Kamyshin, Russia

emily-katila-2A few months ago a girl name Emily Katila who lives in U.S.A has asked us to search for her biological family. Emily was born on June 1997, in Russia in Volgograd region, Kamyshin. Her biological mother immediately abandoned her in the hospital, so she was send to the  orphanage. On May 1998, Emily was adopted by America parents. As Emily got older she was curios wanted to find her biological family.

Emily decided to use our Agency, “Birth Parents Search”.
This search wasn’t simple at all. In her adoption papers she had little information about her biological mother. We visited the town where Emily was born and met with neighbors where her biological mother lived before. Also we  visited the orphanage. During our work, we found out that her biological mother died of tuberculosis in December of 2015.

We continued our investigation and finally got positive results. In Kamyshin, we found Emily’s grandmother from the mother’s side and older sister Anna Guzeeva. Her biological family was very happy to find out Emily was looking for them. Anna and her grandmother always knew that Emily existed and they wanted to find her, but didn’t know how to do it.
Now they are connected and they communicate with each other daily. Soon they will be meeting each other.


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