We helped a German citizen find his biological mother, father and other relatives in Russia

find biological mother, father and other relatives in russiaWe are excited to tell you about the new successful searches for biological mothers, father and other relatives took place in July 2018. Let’s start step by step. This summer, a family from Germany applied to our agency. In 2004, they had adopted a two-year-old boy named Egor. He was born in Veliky Novgorod, Russia. This year Egoris14 years old and his adoptive parents decided to help him find his biological parents and relatives to help him learn more about his Russian origin.

After studying the adoption documents, we learned the name of Egor’s biological mother (Irina) and the place she lived at the time of his birth. We managed to find her in a small village near V.Novgorod and make arrangements for the meeting. Irina’s meeting with our representative took place in early July, in the city. Our representative brought her photos of Egor and his adoptive parents. They also brought a letter telling her about his life in Germany, and that he had always known about his adoption and had always sought to learn about his Russian background, parents and relatives. Irina was very grateful for the letter, photos and news that her son had grown up in reliable and loving hands.

Egor is a good student and an active boy who loves sports, studies well at school, travels often with his parents, and knows three languages: German, English and French.

After Egor ended up in the orphanage at the age of 6 months, Irina’s life didn’t develop successfully. It was a hard and difficult life for her. She could never get married, have children, or succeed in a career. She was depressed by what had happened in her life.

Irina has told a lot about herself—about her life and her parents and relatives, and she shared her family photos with us. As a result of this meeting, we were able to send a great deal of information to Egor and his adoptive parents. It is our hope that this information will help Egor answer the many questions he must have about his biological parents and relatives and help him to grow older peacefully, without having to continuously wonder. We also hope that Irina will continue to keep in touch with Egor and eventually, in the future, that they can meet and tell each other the most important things in person.


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