Search for a biological mother in Novosibirsk, Russia

search for birth mother in RussiaWe were approached by a French family who had adopted a boy from Novosibirsk city, Russia. This family asked us to find their son’s biological parents. Their son’s name was Maxim. Their goal was to find the biological mother and biological father if it was possible.

As we have agreed on all the main points we began our searches. Having looked through the documents we found out that Maxim’s birth mother’s name was Smirnova Oksana. She lived in Novosibirsk city, 22/19 Uchitelskaya str., when her son was born. Several years ago Oksana left the sity. We visited that address and talked to people who lived there.

We decided to ask for help from neighbors. We found the lady lived next door flat. Her name was Natalya. She remembered Oksana and the child whom Oksana has given up for adoption. Natalya told me that Oksana had a stepfather and elder brother but both of them already died.

After their funeral Oksana sold the flat and left Novosibirsk to Yekaterinburg  in search for better live and work. Natalya didn’t have any contact information of Oksana. She couldn’t give me her phone number and address.

Natalya asked us to show Maxim’s pictures and she was surprised the fact that Maxim looked like his mother. Natalya wished me good luck in searches, we said goodbye each other and we parted ways.

Some days later we came to Yekaterinburg. This city is very big and we’ve spent much time before finding Oksana’s address. Fortunately, It was possible due to the help of our colleagues.

We obtained information that Oksana got married twice and changed her last name. Now, she lives quite happily in her second marriage. We didn’t catch Oksana at home so we left a note asking to call us back. She called us in the evening that very day. We explained what kind of news we brought .

She adequately responded to our appearance and agreed to meet and discuss this delicate matter. We met each other next day near the suburb station.

She was happy to get news about her son. She immediately invited us to her house in order to feel comfortable, not to talk in the street. She told us her life story.

Maxim’s biological father was a native of the Caucasus. His name was Suleiman. Oksana loved him very much but he was a Muslim and her family wouldn’t accept a person of the other religion. They had to part but soon she learned that she was pregnant.

After the birth of son there was a difficult moment for Oksana. Her relatives died, she had no work, she did not have money for herself and the child. So she decided to leave her son in the orphanage for temporarily. But it turned out forever.

Our conversation was very emotional and meaningful. Her life was very difficult. There was a period when she was even put in a jail.

She learned a good lesson: she realized that a little lie will bring a person to a big lie.

She seemed to come out ofl her troubles safe and sound and she hopes that the problems will never come back again. Oksana was glad to have the chance to know and talk about her son. She would like to maintain a relationship with adoptive family. So we left the contact information about her son in order to establish the relationship in hope it would never be lost. Oksana was so happy to get Maxim’s photos and letter. It was a priceless gift for her.

Maxim and his adoptive parents were very happy to receive the news that the searches of Oksana had been successfully done. They were grateful for the information, photos and the possibility to communicate with her. They also got a video film (DVD) of Oksana’s greetings, thanks and her wishes.

If you want to find biological parents / birth parents of your child, please, contact us. We will help you to find them. Our experience guarantees you to find birth mothers, birth fathers, siblings and other relatives. We will find out all necessary information about birth parents of your child.

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