Successful search for birth parents in Russia, Kostroma region

search for biological parents in RussiaWe were addressed by the family living in America, city oа Norfolk. They asked us to search for biological parents and relatives of their adopted daughter Maia. Maia was adopted from Kostroma orphanage five years ago. The adoptive parents had all documents with complete data about biological mother and her address, whereby she was registered at the moment of childbirth. With such information we began to search for biological mother. When we arrived in Kostroma and found the address, it appeared there were only picturesque ruins. We began to ask neighbors, maybe they could remember Marina, the biological mother of Maia or at least her parents. We were lucky, the owner of neighbor’s house told us that wife of Marina’s father worked at a clinic as a nurse and the neighbor agreed to help us to meet her.

Together we went to the clinic and we were lucky again – Marina’s stepmother worked this day. Olga, this was her name, told us that she didn’t communicate with stepdaughter, but she agreed to introduce her husband – Marina’s father.

Marina’s father told us where Marina lived with her children and husband. Marina lives in a small village, near Kostroma. We went there. When we found Marina, she told us her sob story about why did she leave her daughter. She was not allowed to come back home with child. Relatives said: “Either leave or don’t come”. Marina said: “I had no choice!”.

She doesn’t want to communicate with her relatives, she can’t forgive them her daughter. The woman gladly agreed to communicate with adoptive family of her daughter and answered all our questions. She said nothing about Maia’s biological father, she didn’t want to remember and to talk about him, because he has left her at crucial moment.

Marina’s searches weren’t easy, if it was not for luck we would search her for a long time, because she registered in ruins. We need patience and more patience. As people’s first reaction on our questions was: “Are you collectors?” “Are you from a bank?” And people didn’t want to help us. But the power of persuasion and great experience help us sometimes during the search and lead to successful end.

If you need to find somebody – biological parents, former classmates, ex-wife or ex-husband, and you can’t find them by yourself. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will help you! We will do the search quickly and efficiently.

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