Nicholas Mathews found his birth mother, siblings and relatives in Krasnodar, Russia

Nick Mathews (before adoption Nikolay Korneev) was born in Russia, in Krasnodar region in 1985. He was adopted to America when he was 13. His birth mother (Natalia) was a simple, village woman, who had been left alone without the husband’s support. At that time, she had another son Vitaly, except for Nick. As the children were born deaf and it was very difficult for Natalia to combine work and looking after her children. The sons happened to find themselves in the orphanage. They lived there for several years and then, in 1998, they were adopted to America.

Now Nick is 32. He lives in Florida together with his wife and son. For all these years Nick and all the children, adopted to America wanted to find his birth mother, siblings and other relatives. Nick’s wife Jessica contacted our agency and asked for help. We agreed to help find Nick’s relatives in Russia.

At the end of November 2017,we managed to find Nick’s birth mother in Peschany village, Tbilissky district, Krasnodar region. She lives in this village together with her two sons. Natalia and her sons were happy to know, that Nick is safe and sound and that he is looking for his relatives. They were grateful for his letter and photos. They are looking forward to communicating with them.

At the meeting, Natalia told a lot about herself and her family. She gave her photos and her consent for giving her biomaterials so that Nick could make DNA test in America.

Nick and his wife are going to visit Russia the next year for two weeks, in the summer, in order to meet the relatives and see his Fatherland. We hope that this long-awaited meeting will definitely take place!

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