We were able to find birth father and sibling in Russia for Anastasia

looking for biological parents and relatives in Petrozavodsk, RussiaThis is a search in which we carried out in the middle of March 2018. Like many other searches, it was a success, we found biological parents and other relatives of Anastasia. She was born in 1992 in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia. It turned out that the birth mother was experiencing difficulties at that time in her life. Therefore, she decided to leave her daughter in an orphanage. At the age of four, in 1996, Anastasia was adopted in America and since then she has lived in another country but always dreamed of finding her Russian parents and relatives, and only this year her dream came true.
A representative of our agency went to Petrozavodsk and managed to find Anastasia’s sibling brother and biological father. Their names are Konstantin and Sergey. Due to some circumstances, which we can’t explain in this article respecting the privacy of the information, the biological mother couldn’t be found. However, we were able to receive a lot of information about her life thanks to Konstantin and Sergey. We also managed to get her photos and at the same time, we gave to Konstantin pictures of her sister together with a letter in which she told about her life with her adoptive family. Currently, Anastasia is married, has a daughter and is very happy because soon will have another child.


It turns out that Konstantin always knew that he had a sister, but he could not find her, although he asked several organizations for information about Anastasia trying to find out where she was adopted, but they always refused to provide this information.
When we met Konstantin and told him news about his sister, he was in the seventh heaven of happiness and very grateful. He told us everything he knew about his family and his parents. He had very little information, since almost all his childhood he spent in the orphanage. He also helped to organize a meeting with biological father – Sergei.
As a result of this search, we were able to obtain a lot of important information about Anastasia’s biological family, which will help her answer many of her questions. In addition, we were able to take photos and record a video, which shows Petrozavodsk, the place where her brother lives and a video with Konstantin.


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