Successful searches for biological parents in Lithuania

searches for biological parents in LithuaniaLast month our agency fulfilled a search for birth parents in Lithuania according to the order from American family of Anthony Berardi who adopted two children Adam and Karina in Vilnius in 2000.

We found a birth mother in a small village 25 km from Vilnius city. Our employee visited a present location of mother Lucija and her elder son Victor. They were very happy to know and receive news about the children. They got a letter and photos from adoptive family.

Lucija did not know that her children were adopted and that they live overseas in America.

Lucija and Victor told about their family, about their life. They shared their family photos. A lot of family information was gathered from them. Photos and video were sent to America to adoptive family.

For some reason biological mother is not a very lucky woman. Now she is in the same poor condition. American family expressed readiness to help her and her son.


At present all family members of the story communicate and they plan to meet each other in Lithuania in July 2017. This summer Anthony, his wife and adopted children are going to visit Lithuania to meet Lucija. Children will see their biological mother for the first time. They are eager to see their motherland too.

Let’s hope the meeting will be unforgettable and long-awaited event for them.

We hope that the trip will not disappoint all involved people.

If you want to find a birth mother, biological father, siblings or relatives in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia, our agency is at your service. We will help you to find these people and we can meet them personally!

Look for those who are very special for you!

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