Sofia could find her biological mother, father and siblings in Poltava, Ukraine

Sofia found her birth mother, father and siblings in UkraineIn October of 2018 we carried out a successful search of biological parents in Poltava region in Ukraine. Their daughter Svetlana was born in 2001 and in February 2002 she was adopted. Her adoptive parents gave her a new name – Sofia.

Now Sofia lives in Germany and is very happy. The adoptive parents love her very much and this year they decided to find her biological family in Ukraine. Our agency has overcome this challenge successfully .

Svetlana was born in Poltava and was given in adoption. The first year of her life she spent in an orphanage of the city Kremenchug close to Poltava. Since in the adoption documents there was no information about the birth mother, the first thing to do was to find out her name and where she lived at the time of the birth of the child.

It took some time to discover that the name of the biological mother is María, She was born in 1980. We managed to find her profile in the social reds and we got in touch with her. Maria immediately agreed to meet with our investigator desiring to receive news about her daughter and tell the story of her biological family.


All these years Maria thought that her daughter had died, because this is what she was told in the maternity hospital. For her it was a real shock to know that her daughter was given in adoption. Maria was very happy to see pictures of her daughter and read the letter written by the adoptive parents.

Maria currently has two children who live with her. Their children still do not know that they have a sister, but soon Maria is going to tell them this news. Maria expressed her desire to maintain communication with her daughter’s family. She wants to know how she grows, see his successes and achievements.

Sofia is currently studying in England but when she returns home at the end of December, her parents are going to tell her about the search of her biological family. We managed to find Sofia’s mother, brothers and grandfather. We also found her biological father. If you need to find birth parents and other relatives in Ukraine, contact us and we will help you.

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