Search for biological family and birth mother in the region of Siberia, Russia

birth mother and relatives search in Novosibirsk region, RussiaAt the end of November 2018 we successfully completed a birth family search for a boy adopted in Spain. We managed to find his mother, aunt, uncle and grandmother. Raquel adopted Eugenio in the year 2011 in the region of Siberia, Novosibirsk, Russia. Since then Eugenio lives with his adoptive family in Spain.
In the search process we found out that Eugenio’s biological mother is Anastasia Ponidelko and she is still living in Novosibirsk region, in a small village about 200 km from Novosibirsk. Our researcher traveled to the village to meet the woman and talk to her. Anastasia was happy to recieve news from her son and see his photos. Reading the letter written by Eugenio’s parents about his life in Spain was very emotional for Anastasia and she even started to cry.
During the meeting with our investigator Anastasia talked about herself, her hard life and the circumstances that led to the abandonment of her son. She also told us about her parents and siblings. We found out that Eugenio has a biological brother who was also adopted. We have already started to look for him so that the brothers can meet.
Anastasia gave us her permission to take photos and record a video. In the video she sent words of gratitude and greetings to her son and his adoptive family.
As a result of our hard work, one child more adopted by a foreign family was able to find his biological family in Russia. When Eugenio gets older, Raquel will be able to tell him about his origins and the history of her family.
 Our agency can make your dream come true.
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