Looking for birth parents and relatives in Estonia

birth parents and relatiives, siblings search in EstoniaIf a person was born or adopted in Estonia our agency can help to find him/her biological parents in this country. If you need to find birth parents, relatives, siblings, parents in Estonia, you have come to the right place. Our agency can help you to carry out the searches successfully. As a result you will receive a detailed report, many photos and an interesting video. The information obtained could help to answer many of questions about parents and relatives, namely:

  • Who are the biological mum and dad, what are their names?
  • How do they look like?
  • Who are brothers, sisters and other relatives?
  • What is a style of their life, etc.

After completing the searches, we can organize your meeting with biological parents, relatives in Tallinn or any other city in Estonia if necessary.

The adopted child will be able to get answers to all these questions and many others. The complete picture of parents’ life and relatives will be obtained. Our experience help us to find the biological parents or relatives in Estonia in very difficult cases. We will do our best for this. Obviously the search process takes some period of time and financial costs. Usually, the process of searching for biological parents can be done in three steps, each of it is described below.

The first step

We review your adoption documents and decide how we organize our work of searching. There are different search strategies are negotiated with the client individually in each case. After that we start the search process. Having the documents our employee will go on a business trip to Estonia, in order to find and meet the biological mother (father) personally, as well as brothers, sisters and other relatives who can be found.

search in estonia for birth parents


The second step

This is a personal meeting with the biological mother (father), brothers, sisters and other relatives. During such a meeting a lot of information is gathered together. A biological mother tells about herself, her family, her children, grandmothers and grandfathers, uncles and aunts. Such a meeting is something like an interview.

Biological mother gives many family photos from her album or computer, during the interview we also take photographs showing her mother, her children, All these demonstrates the conditions of their life, the house, street, town and so on. At the end of the meeting relatives usually send greetings to people who were seeking them and we record a video of the event.

The third step

After the search is successfully completed, the client receives the following:

  • detailed report (usually 3-5 pages);
  • a large number of pictures (parents and other family members);
  • video film (duration is 10-15 minutes).

We hope, the result of searching will surpass all your expectations. We are ready to fulfill all your requests regarding the search for parents and relatives. We can help you organize  the meeting with them, if you like to come to Estonia some day and meet them personally. Also, we can help in organizing and conducting a DNA test in order to confirm maternity or paternity with found parents.


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