Elena and Ekaterina adopted in Spain could find their biological parents and relatives in Russia

looking for birth parents in russiaA few weeks ago, we were approached by a Spanish family who had adopted two orphan Russian girls in 2004. The girls, Elena and Ekaterina, were originally from Kirov, Russia.  The biological parents of the girls had been deprived of their parental rights due to neglect.
We agreed to search for their birth mother, biological father and other relatives to learn more about their lives.
Elena and Ekaterina always knew that they had been born in Russia and they were living in an adoptive family in Spain, so the search for relatives in Russia was one of the main goals of their lives.

This year, in July, we were able to find some relatives of the girls. We managed to find their biological father, Timofey, as well as his sisters. They told a lot about the girls’ lives while they stayed with their family, as well as the circumstances by which they ended up in an orphanage. To a large extent, this was due to neglect by the girls’ mother, Alyona, who abused alcohol and had a troubled lifestyle.

After the children were taken to the orphanage, Timofey broke up with Alyona. According to the information available to him, she did not change her lifestyle, but on the contrary, everything became worse.

We have not been able to find Alyona yet, but we hope to do so in the near future. All the information, photos, documents, video that we could get has come from Timofey and his sisters.
Since Elena and Ekaterina are already approaching adulthood, their adoptive parents are going to bring them to Russia in the very near future, so that they can see their native country, as well as meet some relatives. We hope that this trip and the meeting will take place next summer.

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